**Topotoy Games** ![ ](/images/topotoy-header.jpeg) ABOUT =================================================== **Topotoy Games** is a tech-driven game initiative based in Madrid, Spain. Our vision is led by a simulation and computer graphics veteran creating unique interactive experiences based on custom-made technology. For us, programming is an artform where the most profound joy lies in simulating the dynamics and the visuals of the world around us. To achieve this goal we recklessly indulge in the dying art of custom 2D/3D engine creation, like in the old days. $$\mathbf{J}\mathbf{W}\mathbf{J}^T\mathbf{\lambda}=-(\mathbf{\dot{J}}\mathbf{\dot{q}}+\mathbf{J}\mathbf{W}\mathbf{Q_a})$$ CONTACT =================================================== * [X/Twitter (@topotoygames)](https://twitter.com/topotoygames) * `topotoy.games 0x40 gmail.com`
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